Guide for Ukrainians arriving in the UK on the Homes for Ukraine scheme

The scheme 

‘Homes for Ukraine’ is the Government’s programme to help you and your family arrive safely and adapt to life in the United Kingdom. Under the Scheme, you will be ‘sponsored’ by a UK resident who has come forward and offered you a home to stay in. That resident may be a friend you already know, or just a resident of the UK who has offered to help. 

The scheme is intended to provide you a safe space for at least six months. Under this scheme, your stay here can be extended up to a maximum of 3 years and have the right to work, study and claim benefits in the UK. 

Making contact with your Sponsor 

Before travelling to the UK, you should let your sponsor know when you will be arriving and arrange where you will meet. If they ask you to make your way to their home, they should help explain to you the best travel arrangements. 

On arrival in the UK 

There are a number of major entry points to the UK, including airports, where there will be Welcome Points for you to meet your sponsor and where you can seek support, including to arrange your onward travel. The Welcome Points will be able to support you by providing access to: 

  • rest point, with toilet facilities, telephone, telephone charging facilities and translation capability. 
  • Provision of any necessary immediate assistance including food, drink, (over the counter) medical supplies and other sundries; and triage point if matching arrangements fall down; and Signposting access to public services and advice.

If you have agreed with your sponsor that you will make your own way to their home, you will be eligible for a single onward journey via national rail, bus, light rail and coach, free of charge to your destination anywhere in the UK (excluding NI). You only need to show your Ukrainian passport and your boarding pass or ticket showing arrival into the country within the last 48 hours: For more information, see 

What should I expect in my first few days? 

Your sponsor is not only providing you with a room or rooms in which to stay, but will also help you, as much as they can, in adjusting to life in the UK. The first thing they will do is try to make sure you are comfortable in your accommodation, and that you have access to basics such as food, bedding and toiletries. 

Shortly after you arrive at your sponsor’s home, you will be visited by a representative from the local council. The council will mainly be interested in checking that you have arrived safely and that the accommodation you are living in is suitable. 

Living with your sponsor 

We understand that it may be a difficult time for you having just moved to a new country under challenging circumstances and that your first priorities are likely to be around getting into your accommodation and organising essentials such as food, toiletries and access to mobile phones and the internet, so you can stay in touch with family and friends. 

Your sponsor is not allowed to charge you rent while you are staying with them, but they may ask you to make a reasonable contribution to any common household bills such as food and utilities. If you feel you are being asked to contribute an unreasonable amount for such bills, you should raise the matter through your local council. 

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